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rced' by the Governor of Cuba; the latter had sent two ships to the aid of Narvaez, of whose fate he was ignorant, and when these ships arrived at Vera Cruz they were seized, and the men of the expedition were easily induced to join Cortez. "Approach by land being so well guarded, Cortez decided to attack the city by water. Timber for thirteen brigantines was prepared on the other side of the mountai

ns, and carried on the shoulders of 8000 Tlascalans to the bank of a small stream flowing into one of the lakes. There the boats were put together, and though the Mexicans made many attacks, they were always defeated. "Each boat carried a piece of artillery and twenty-five Spaniards, and the fleet was sufficient to wipe the war-canoes of the Mexicans out of existence. When all was ready the fleet moved to the attack, and at the same time the land forces proceeded against the city along three of the causeways. [Pg 256] THE CAPTURE OF GUATEMOZIN. "Altogether the siege of the city lasted seventy-seven days; it


ended on the 13th of August, 1521, and that day may be taken as the commencement of the reign of the Spaniards in Mexico. Guatemozin attempted to escape in a boat, but was captured and treated as a prisoner of distinction. The Mexicans again endeavored to drive out their invaders, but were unsuccessful, and Guatemozin was put to death under circumstances of great cruelty. He was burned on a bed of coals by order of Cortez, along with several of his nobles and leading men. "And this ends our stor

y of the conquest of Mexico," said Fred. "Those who think it dry reading are at liberty to skip, but if they have read thus far there will be no need of doing so." "What became of Cortez after the Conquest?" Doctor Bronson asked. "He was rewarded by the King with the appointment of Governor and Captain-general of Mexico, and a marquisate with a large revenue. But his success aroused jealousy, as it generally does, and while he was busy with the conquest of the outlying provinces of Mexico his property was seized, and his retainers were imprisoned. He returned to Spain in consequence of this, was received with d


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